Dimensional LettersA Dimensional letter sign really pops out from the mounting wall. The 3-dimensional pieces are typically made from acrylic, plastic, or metal. This dimensional lettering is made to fit the style you want that meets your budget. They are also great for getting your brand’s message across. Whether for interior or exterior, our dimensional letters are highly durable, and we guarantee that they won’t chip, fade, crack, or discolor.

Types of Dimensional Lettering

  • Cut or CastBronze or Brass Letters: These materials look polished and professional and are classic and traditional. For brass dimensional lettering, they can be polished or have a brushed satin finish. While for bronze 3-dimensional letters, they can come with brushed, polished, patina, and oxidized finishes.
  • Cut or Fabricated Stainless Steel Dimensional Letters: Corrosion-resistant stainless steel can be cast in any font or style you choose. They are typically made up of marine-grade alloys to withstand weather and wear.
  • Cut or Cast Aluminum Dimensional Sign Letters:As cost-effect signage, aluminum lettering is made with finishes such as natural satin, polished, or anodized. They can also be made in various colors to suit your needs.
  • Backlit Letters: Our fabricated stainless steel letters have the option of using LEDs to backlight the dimensional lettering. Or by using a translucent acrylic face will also give off a classy look that will draw the eye.
  • Acrylic Letters: Our custom 3-dimensional letters are both lightweight and durable. They also come in various fonts and colors that we customize to suit your brand.
  • Plastic Letters: As a budget-friendly option, we at Greeneville Signs provide injection-molded letters that are fully customizable and lightweight for easy mounting.

Why Choose Greeneville?

Concerning dimensional lettering, we provide classic and modern designs to suit any budget and brand. Contact us today to receive a free quote, and you’ll have your dimensional signs before you know it.