Lobby SignageIf you’re thinking about getting a lobby sign for your business, you’re among the few far-sighted business owners that want to get creative with their signs to stand out from the competition. Not many businesses have lobby signs, let alone creative and high-quality ones. Office lobby signs let your potential clients identify who you are and how professional you are. Lobby signs also exude confidence and credibility, which are crucial for first impressions.

What Are Lobby Signs

Backlit lobby signs are the perfect tool to let your first-time guests know who you are and what you do. Usually, lobby signs display a company’s slogan, motto, or logo, and they’re an excellent opportunity to advertise your business.

Benefits of Custom Lobby Signs

There are many advantages to lobby signs, and we’ve explored some already, but let’s take a look more in-depth at some benefits:

  • They are welcoming: With identification comes comfort. Would you be comfortable waiting in a windowless, colourless lobby? Probably not. If your lobby is bland and has no signage, you’ll make your customers feel a sense of unrest as if they were in a hospital.
  • Makes you unique: Rather than having blank walls as most companies do, make your business stand out with unique and high-quality lobby signage. Use your lobby signs to imprint your brand’s unique identity and personality onto the minds of every one that walks through your front door.

Why Work with Us?

Greeneville Signs is a leader in the signs industry, and with our many years of experience, we will ensure you get the lobby signs you have in mind.

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