Truck ,Trailer & Van WrapsHas your business ever taken advantage of commercial vehicle wrapping?

If you utilize a fleet of commercial vehicles such as trucks, trailers, or vans, you should consider commercial wraps, which will effectively transform your business vehicles into a moving billboard.

What Are Truck, Trailer, and Van Wraps?

Commercial vehicle wraps are often made of adhesive vinyl material. This material is perfect for wraps because it’s easy to install and remove, yet it’s highly durable even in bad weather.

Benefits of Custom Truck, Trailer & Van Wraps

Let’s take a look at the benefits of commercial wraps for your business:

  • Local and out-of-state advertising: If you have a fleet of trucks or vans, a full truck wrap near you will advertise your business locally and out of the state when your trucks have long hauls. This means you’ll effectively advertise to a vast number of potential clients with one single wrap.
  • Inexpensive: You only have to purchase a full wrap once, and with little to no maintenance, you’ll have a moving marketing tool that advertises your business 24/7.
  • Protective: Your business vehicles go through a lot, and the protective film of these wraps is extremely durable and protective.

Why Choose Us?

Greeneville Signs has been in the signage industry for years, and we can help you create and install the perfect truck, trailer, and van wrap.

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