A-frame SignsWhat Are A-Frame Signs?

Custom A-frame signs, also known as sidewalks or ‘’sandwich’’ boards, are portable outdoor signs that stand up like an easel to form a two-sided A shape. You’ve probably seen them in movies, and they’re extremely popular with small businesses because they attract a ton of foot traffic, are convenient, and are easy to update.

Benefits of Metal A-Frame Signs

We’ve already mentioned a few of them briefly, but let’s go deeper with some of the advantages of A-Frames:

  • They’re convenient: These signs are super portable, and you don’t need a ton of space to display them. You can put them wherever you need them as they are conveniently collapsible in a few seconds.
  • Super cheap: If you want to attract more people passing by your business without breaking the bank, A-Frames are your solution. They are super inexpensive, especially when compared to other types of signs or advertisements.
  • Easy to update: One of the issues with big bulky signs is that once you’ve designed them, you can’t easily change them over time. If you have a new promotion or you change your logo, it’s tough to update them. With A-Frames, you can update them in a few days.

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